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I gave my heart to you, I’m so in love with you.
I can’t help but wonder if we got that week away we’d be ok, everything would have worked out. I’d still be yours.
I can’t stop crying all the time.
I can barely get out of bed.
I just miss you and I wish it didn’t end like this.
Those words you said keep floating around my head though
"I feel no emotional connection to you"
You told me you loved me everyday, how could you feel nothing when saying those words?
I’m so heart broken I can barely breathe and I don’t know how to move on.

i either can’t sleep or when I do I never want to wake up.
I can’t eat. I can’t think straight.

I’m so sorry I couldn’t be what you wanted when you’re all that I wanted.
It’s a hurt I thought I wouldn’t have to feel.

Please don’t do this.

  • person: wow you drink so much water, you're so healthy!!
  • me: i cry so much i gotta stay hydrated

I have reblogged this at least a thousand times


I have reblogged this at least a thousand times


Yes, fucking metal !

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"I give you five minutes when we get there. Anything happens in that five minutes and I’m yours. No matter what. Anything a minute on either side of that and you’re on your own. I don’t sit in while you’re running it down. I don’t carry a gun. I drive." - Drive (2011)

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